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reblogging because this little band from Colorado needs more attention 

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Hey its your friggin birthday today so dont forget, freak. →




July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014

He brought so much joy and laughter to the world with his amazing talent. So many of his movies made our childhoods so fun. His death is such a loss but we can find comfort that his legacy will always live on and will…


I think Robin Williams death just goes to show; it does not matter how rich someone is, it does not matter how famous someone is, it does not matter funny someone is or how they’re always smiling. Depression can haunt anyone. It is why it is important to hug your neighbor and be kind to those around you. You never know who could be on the edge of breaking. →


With most celebrity deaths I can bounce back pretty quickly after the initial shock wears off, because personally I can only feel so connected to people I don’t know, but dang this is one I just can’t say “that’s sad” about and then go about my day. He meant a lot to so many people across…


unzan doesn’t believe you can have donuts for supper. It doesn’t count apparently. I don’t know what she’s talking about. 

But they are everything. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper

Donuts is life 

AGENT FRECKLES DAILY DOSSIER - Edition: The Best Donuts in Portland! (August 11, 2013) →


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  • Rainy & gray Sunday mornings in PDX are perfect for two things: reading about real estate & scarfing down donuts. Here are the most keep-Portland-weird worthy:
  1. Voodoo Donuts ‘cuz there’s serious magic in the Bacon Maple Bar
  2. if you’re more of a traditionalist & prefer -ghnuts, order…
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